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Project Description:

A human body scanner that fits into everyone's pocket using just a normal smartphone RGB camera to do the same predictions that Microsoft Kinect 3D scanner is able to do using a series of RGB and Infrared cameras


A Website that describes the webapp in detail is accessible at the address

Project Description:

A webapp that allows public institutions to simplify a long process and save precious resources and budget destined to a slow, old method. Virtual Assistant is an easy to use and quick webapp.

London Window Cleaning

A Website that describes the app in details is accessible at the address

Project Description:

Purpose of the App is collecting information about the house or office to be cleaned in order to produce a precise estimate before having the cleaning done.
The information is collected in a series of steps in order to identify type and number of windows and doors to be cleaned. The phone's camera can be used in order to upload images of windows or space around the house that will help to understand how to access each window quickly.
The user will be invited also to book an appointment for the cleaning company to come to his place and verify and confirm the accuracy of the estimate.

The administration of the app is simple and intuitive making use of a direct integration with Google Calendar API.
The personnel of the company will be able to modify the availability that will be showed on the app's calendar in a simple and seamless way, just by creating or deleting events directly on the official Google Calendar App from their mobile devices.
An affiliate marketing strategy is used to increase the installs making use of a discount code that will grant a discount on the next cleaning for new customers.


  • Technology:PHP + Ionic
  • Platforms:Browser + Android & iOS
  • Client:Promos Snc

Project Description:

A Worldwide Social Network for producers and buyers of jewels. Website and both iOS and Android app.

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I'm very satisfied for the iPhone and Android app that was developed for my business!

Arun Banerjee Owner, Baner Window Cleaning - London -

Marco really stands behind his work!

Elisha Klein Research & Development Manager at Data Crushers -

From the very beginning my method of work was fully understood and he's been able to present it in an effective way. I'm very satisfied.

Dr. Massimo Ascani Specialist in Orthopedics, has worked in the past for European Champions League Football Clubs -

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