Adobe Interactive Demo Builder

Interactive Demo Builder (formerly known as Interactive Experience Builder) is a software composed by a few apps that communicate together in real time via a back-end achitecture using a real-time database.

The purpose is to deliver a live demo experience to audiences that range from a small meeting room to even large audiences such as the ones of Adobe's big annual events.

Live interaction is the key to the success of any demo and IDB allows up to thousands of handheld devices to interact in real time with the data that is being processed by Adobe Platform, while the presenter is moving on a live website.

The core of IDB is a Chrome extension that allows Adobe partners to simulate the power of Adobe Platform in the live website of their potential customer.

The result is that managers at demo meetings are generally intrigued by seeing in action the power of Adobe Platform and the incredible possibilities that it offers on a live environment.

Because of this interactive and easy-to-understand demo potential customers are better able to see what benefits they can get from the use of Adobe Platform and partners are more likely to close a contract, indirectly adding an extra customer to Adobe.

Yes, this is no static demo with pre-recorded videos or slides with screenshots.

The Chrome extension injects js code in the potential customer's website on the client's browser simulating a real interaction with the website and connecting it to Adobe Platform's AI-based web services.

The software is composed by the main Admin Webapp and three additional Webapps that connect with a real-time nosql db on the backend to seamlessly work together with a Chrome extension.

"... Intellidesign Ltd, an official supplier of software for Adobe. ... From what I can see, the results that have been achieved are of good quality ... on IDB, which is an ambitious project of Adobe"

Nishant Pithia

Manager at Adobe

All of this was built from the ground by Intellidesign Ltd starting in 2019.

The project has been developed until the management of Adobe got such a good feedback from partners using it that in 2021 some of the functionality have been merged into another software developed by Adobe's internal software development team and used by Adobe's internal management itself.

IDB is currently being used by Adobe partners worldwide.

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