Freelance Full-Stack Javascript Developer

Who am I.

My name is Marco Pileri and I'm a passionate developer that can't help but keep on experimenting new technology.

I live for new challanges and even though I tend to consider myself the "Jack of all trades" - as I often have to go out of my way and learn things that do not necessarily include Javascript - during the years I consistently tried to develop my skills mainly in this programming language that I really love.

What do I Do.

Web and Mobile software development are my specialities, mainly Javascript and PHP for the web and Javascript or Java for Mobile Apps.

Over the last two years I experimented implementation of Machine Learning models into the software I developed and I'm eager to continue studying which could be its possible applications to help my customers out in the best possible way.

Why hire Me.

Because I will try to experiment something new each time I'm on a new project, and this will make it not only extremely exciting for me.

I will more importantly help you create and position on the market a really innovative product.

If you are looking for new technology that may enhance greatly your software idea please get in touch.

Years of experience
Programming Languages
Countries with Clients

My Skills

  • Javascript
  • Angular, React & Redux
  • PHP
  • Java

  • jQuery
  • HTML
  • CSS

  • SQL
  • Machine Learning
  • Python
  • VBA

What Do Customers Say?

I'm very satisfied for the iPhone and Android app that was developed for my business!

Arun Banerjee Owner, Baner Window Cleaning - London -

Marco really stands behind his work!

Elisha Klein Research & Development Manager at Data Crushers -

From the very beginning my method of work was fully understood and he's been able to present it in an effective way. I'm very satisfied.

Dr. Massimo Ascani Specialist in Orthopedics, has worked in the past for European Champions League Football Clubs -

Please call or write me today at +44 (0) 740 4375 924
or Email me at

I will strive to provide Top Notch Support to make your Customer Experience Wonderful My Portfolio